Icom IC-705 Frequency Drift

Hello Operators

I just wanted to post a short blog about frequency drift on the Icom IC-705. Is there any drift, well the short answer is no! The long answer is also no! Since so many of you are riding me about this topic on other radios, I thought to preemptively do a WSPR test, to aviod the conversation entirely.

By the way, the Icom IC-705 has the frequency stability of Mount Everest. It is not moving unless you make it move! The GPS also makes sure if it even thinks about moving, the clock will be smacked right back into place before we even know there is a problem. The IC-705 is itself acts as an NTP server for all of our connected devices, when attached via USB, through its onboard WiFi, or when you use its built-in GPS as a time source for your computer, tablet, raspberry pi, …

Anyway, just having a bit of fun here, but I promised to do this will all new reviews, and here it is.

Julian oh8stn
Icom IC-705 Frequency Drift WSPR Test PDF

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