Icom IC-705 A Practical Discussion

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Well it’s been nearly a month since the IC-705 arrived, and it’s been quite the learning experience. Hopefully you agree it’s more important to be thorough than being “first” on YouTube or with the blog. We need to invest the time for research, and even more time to document the results. Certainly not winning any races with this strategy, but it sure does provide the viewers and readers with lots of information. It’s also nice that we see other channels contributing positively to content for this radio and others.

Below this paragraph is the actual ICOM IC-705 video. Beneath the video is a playlist from many different YouTubers sharing information about the Icom IC-705. Below that playlist is a link to the WSPR test results, mentioned in the video.

Testing the ICOM IC-705 with WSPR. Is there any frequency drift? Read on.

It’s amazing to see the different approaches amateur radio manufacturers have come up with for portable Operators these days. These highly portable highly-capable radios are simply astonishing.

For those of you asking about a Comparison between my two favorite QRP rigs, read on.

Portable Ham Radio Reviews:

73, Julian oh8stn

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