Circumventing Ham Radio Jamming

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In this episode of OH8STN Ham Radio, we take a look at circumventing ham radio jamming using digital mode communications. A couple of weeks ago, Alex W7HU posted a video  showing what he says was jamming by the Cuban government, of the ham radio 40 meters band. After watching his video and understanding the type of communications needed to get news and information in and out of the country, I put this tutorial together. This vidro explains how ham radio digital modes can be used to circumvent jamming and interference on the amateur radio bands.

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Julian oh8stn

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  1. Very interesting post, thanks Julian.

    Amateur radio *is* a perfect example of free speech, and, as you point out, can be much more than a hobby in certain circumstances. It will be interesting to see what some of those circumstances will be over the next decade; no doubt those circumstances will surprise many. On a technical note, what was your antenna?

    As for me, recitation of the first ten Bills of the U.S. Constitution (the Bill of Right) = 42 seconds (hard-wired, my friend).

  2. As usual, very well done. While I agree with you in concept, and assuming the bad actors are not just in Cuba, the next thing that will happen if the thorn becomes too irritating will be restrictions on communication in any form with certain countries. You see…freedom of speech is only a figment of our imagination designed to keep us in check. Step out of bounds…well…look at what has already happened on the internet. The bad actors are everywhere and their goal is to protect their wealth and power.

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