QSO Today Interview

Hello Operators.
Listen to my interview with Eric 4Z1UG on QSO Today. The start is rather slow but gets better as I get relaxed.
Julian oh8stn

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  1. What an incredibly interesting interview, Julian. I listened this morning while working through a pot of coffee and greasing up my boots, and found myself nodding along with the discussion, especially on topics that never see the light of day on your channel (from working with youth and the problems and challenges confronting young people today, to EMP protection and a host of other topics). As Eric, the host of the interview, points out, your POV and attention to detail make your video presentations stand out, but as media continues to break apart into ever smaller slices from ever more dubious producers, the need for the real and genuine becomes ever stronger: this interview helps to flesh out the person behind the product, which adds even more depth to your great content. Outstanding. 73

  2. Very good interview. As a relatively new ham, I could relate with your comments about a new ham joining a club. I always enjoy your insights and practical applications.
    Thank you

  3. Really nice interview Julian. It was really nice to discover another side of you where you were talking about young group of people and helping them, teach them and having fun with them. Keep going! This is really inspiring for all of us.

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