DIY LiFePO4 Battery – Pocket Portable

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This is a simple 12v battery pack. It is purpose built for a balance of size, weight, energy density and storage capacity. As our portable stations become smaller and more efficient,  we can augment our favorite QRP radios internal battery, with this pocket sized power supply.

Parts List

K2 26650 LiFePO4 Cells
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26650 Battery Holders

Battery Spot welder


3D Printed enclosure:

Solar Charge controller

This charge controller is a stripped down version of the GV5L. It’s meant for embedded applications where the charge controller will be integrated into a larger project. In this case we will integrate the battery, battery management system and charge controller creating a pocket-sized micro solar generator.
The trash controller can be configured via a jumper, for 3s lithium iron phosphate or 4S lithium iron phosphate. It has pin headers for solar, battery and load. The load Port can be used as a switch for a relay or connected directly to our devices. Max amperage on the load board is 5 amps. If we require more than 5 amps on the load port we can tap the battery directly for the load, leaving the charge controller to manage the charging of the battery.
The solar input can manage a maximum of 5 amps from the solar panel.

Desktop charging

Desktop charging is simple. A 14.2-14.6 volt CC/CV charger of no more than 10A charge current. Lower charge current will increase cycle life, but is slower to charge.

How to solar power your portable ham radio:

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