Ham Radio Adventure Dog Snapper Update

Hello Operstors.

Snapper had her pups on Monday, 01AUG2022. 3 survived and Mama is ok after the laser c-section. My ham shack was transformed into a puppy nursery, where they (and I) are living for the next few weeks. Sleep is a luxury awarded in minutes at a time and each minute is precious.

Grateful the surgery went well and that the pups and my best buddy are ok.
Snapper and I will return to the field in mid-September.

Julian oh8stn

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    • Glad to hear Snapper and pups are doing well. We definitely love our dogs and they are family members.

  1. Congrats. That’s awesome, and I’m so happy all went well. If you can, please keep us posted as they grow.

  2. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: Snapper is a damn lucky pooch! Her best buddy isn’t too bad either! 73

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