Chameleon EMCOMM III Base SWR Plots

Hello Operators

Some of us have been anxiously waiting for the Chameleon EMCOMM III Base to be released. Well, I finally have it in my hands, and put it up on the tower to get some SWR plots.

The EMCOMM III Base is in a sloping configuration at 12m (39ft) height. The ground lug is attached to the tower, allowing the tower to act as the counterpoise. There were several configurations in the user guide, and I chose the one which best fit my home QTH.

So the first part of this introduction is presenting the SWR plots. Thix allows us to validate Chameleons numbers, based on one of their own known configurations. Actually, I found their numbers to be rather conservative. Looking at mine, you’ll see that in most cases, I received better results.

I’m going to leave the EMCOMM III BASE up on the tower as it is. Over the next days and weeks, I’ll be working HF aprs, WinLink and some FT8 to get an idea of how it’s actually performing. I’ll also do some wspr testing, and some CW for the Reverse Beacon Network.

I don’t have any technical information about the transfotmer configuration inside the EMCOMM III Base yet. Let’s see how it goes.

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Julian oh8stn

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