Chameleon MPAS SWR Sweep

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, Bob k6uda published the video where he was “testing” the SWR of the chameleon hybrid micro. Well he also attempted to set up the Chameleon Hybrid Micro with the MIL WHIP. Once again a lack of detail lead him to erroneous SWR results.

As with the Chameleon Hybrid Micro, I went ahead and took the Micro and MIL whip, setting it up on the chameleon tripod and measuring SWR myself. SWR was measured at about three metres height with a single 60-foot counterpoise as delivered with the MPAS system. These are my results.

Again I’d like to point out the obvious. 90% amateur radio 10% fluff. Anything else is just a waste of viewers time.

de oh8stn

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