Batteries for QRP & Survival Radios by Gil F4WBY

Once again we share a great video by our good friend and channel buddy Gil F4WBY from Radio Preppers.

In this video Gil goes through the plethora of battery types and charging solutions he’s used for his qrp and green radios over the years. He makes some interesting comparisons about weight, charging, complexities of various battery chemistry’s, and the pros and cons of each of the battery types he’s experimented with. 
Enjoy the video

Gill also mentioned my qrp battery pack in his video. The difference between my qrp battery pack and the LiPo options Gil presents in his video, is the inclusion of the battery management system in my batteries.
Although I have a new design nearly ready to publish a video on, the original qrp battery pack, using inexpensive or practically free reclaimed laptop batteries, is still a valid design.

Julian oh8stn

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