Yaesu FT-891 on the way

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign, helping to finance this new radio for the all-weather solar powered Field Station.

I like to keep it real, so in the screen shot you’ll see a crop of the confirmation email showing what I ordered. Below is the breakdown.

You have ordered the following products (all prices in Euro):

  • 1 YSK-891 YAESU separation kit for the FT-891 36.50
  • 1 FT-891 YAESU HF-Transceiver 689.00
  • 1 MARS/CAP MOD 25.00 ( my eyes aren’t what they used to be)
  • Paypal-fees 16.06

Shipping cost: 16.20
Total: 782.76

As soon as the radio arrives, I’ll do an unboxing video and an outline of all the projects that we’ll do on the channel to make this rig a practical man portable field radio.

For certain we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • Self-contained Gobox & integration
  • Portable power & solar charging
  • Audio interface integration
  • CAT control

Just to recap, the original idea was to bring in the Yaesu ft-857d. To actually make the goal achievable, I started looking at the Yaesu ft-891 as an alternative since it had similar current draw is the ft-857, and a lower price. The lower price did have a cost which was the lack of VHF and UHF on the Yaesu ft-891. However I still have a Kenwood TM d700 which is an effective radio for VHF and UHF Communications. So not only do we get the addition of the Yaesu ft-891 on the channel, we also get to start VHF and UHF videos on the Kenwood.

I’ve already created a YouTube playlist for all the videos for the Yaesu ft-891.

You can also follow the solar powered Field Station project on YouTube here.

Thanks again for contributing in whatever way you could. Whether it was through a donation, or sharing the project, everything helped and I’m grateful to all of you.
Julian oh8stn

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