Portable Off Grid Power for Amateur Field Commo

Hello Operators.Today’s topic is Portable Off Grid Power for Amateur Field Communications. I know this video may seem out a sequence, considering we have already done so much on this topic, on the channel. With three DIY LiFePO4 builds published, and an extensive amount of other information supporting the off grid ham radio operator, it was time to publish a video which ties everything together. So, today’s video is titled, Portable Off Grid Power for Amateur Field Communications.

Currently there are 3 LiFePO4 builds on the channel.
DIY 5Ah A123 26650 build QRP+ https://youtu.be/CVvXfxXzXDU
DIY 10Ah Headway build QRP+ https://youtu.be/SJGKuriGRok
DIY 10Ah Headway build QRO+ https://youtu.be/nDoQoVA0hAc
There are several more incoming, including one QRO LiFePO4 pack, using 18650 cells.

Here is the main playlist for the Portable Off Grid Power for Amateur Field Communications Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU46f9_vDr4&list=PLKMrdrsNkFA43q0POuXM-5-49yOd3t4CP

It was important to publish the build videos, some deployment videos, do some field testing, and get some experience under my belt before publishing this video or making bold claims. That is why this video is out of sequence.

I’ve also done field testing of various Solar Panels ranging from low-end Harbor Freight suitcase models, Goal Zero models, Cheap Chinese models, and Finally the Power Film Solar thin-film flexible panels I use today. Here is my playlist on PowerFilm solar panels. It includes videos from myself, and others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEXP2mhcN_w&list=PLKMrdrsNkFA4BFf7wutLxDfEFt3JQd5n7

If you’re interested in the Genasun Charge controller, I wrote about it on my blog some time ago. You can find it here: https://oh8stn.org/blog/2017/06/20/man-portable-off-grid-power-for-amateur-radio-part-2/

Episode notes and a ton of pictures: https://oh8stn.org/blog/2018/03/25/portable-diy-lifepo4-power-for-ham-radio-followup/

Julian oh8stn

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