Radio Prepper Off Grid Emergency SIM on 80M CW

Hello Operators.

Many of you know my friend Gil F4WBY the Radio Prepper. He is an absolute Morse code fanatic. Minimal shirt pocket size radios, single-mode, single band, No Frills.

Some time ago I gave him a challenge to get an operator on air to pass a message from Gil. The message should include his name and position, then be forwarded on to someone else who would simulate an emergency pick up.

My belief was this would be far too difficult with Morse code. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized telegrams were sent over Morse code back in the day. So there’s no reason why a capable Morse code operator, and a willing operator on the other end, couldn’t make this happen. Well it seems Gil has done it.

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Julian oh8stn

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