Emergency Portable Power: Powerfilm Inergy Kodiak

Hello Operators.

Being around the channel and blog for a while, one probably understands how much the Canadian Prepper is a trusted member of my YouTube community. His videos are well-thought-out, well-researched, and he shares the long game passion, doing the research and field testing necessary, before putting anything out there.

He just published a video on emergency portable power. In that video he came came up with his own combination of battery and portable solar power, which I think would be ideal for an RV trailer, a cabin, powering part of your home, … in a grid down scenario like we had in Puerto Rico last year.

Why am I sharing this video?

I usually approach things from a Communications perspective. In that regard, I’m singular in my focus. Canadian Preppers portable power video goes beyond man-portable, it goes beyond field communications. I think it would be safe to say, his video perfectly augments the “X days off grid series“, and Portable Off-Grid Battery & Solar Power for Amateur Field Communications series.

Julian oh8stn
SurvivalTech Nord

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