Hello Operators

FT8CALL 0.5.2 was released a couple of days ago and there’s a magnificent new feature I want to tell you all about. A tutorial was just published on the FT8Call YouTube channel, providing instructions on how to send your GPS position, to the APRS network, using FT8Call.

Many of us were involved in the HF APRS tests earlier this year. The feature was well-accepted and popular, but we locked the diverse software across different platforms to really take it forward. Having the capability of sending a position report over HF radio, removes all the limitations of APRS over VHF. This new functionality also provides a welcome relief for operators hoping to use APRS off grid or beyond traditional range of APRS on VHF.

The possibilities are really staggering. Alright, I’ll leave you with the tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

Julian oh8stn

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