Why PowerFilm Solar?

Hello Operators.
Someone asked why I use PowerFilm Solar panels for my off grid expeditions, survival and field deployment. The answer is simple. In a grid down scenario or disaster like hurricane Maria in Dominique or Puerto Rico, portable emergency power must be rapidly deployable, light enough to carry, and easy enough to pack. If that were not enough, it should also provide reliable power like a full-size rigid panel.

I have tested other panels. The Chinese “flexible panels”, the rigid folding panels, the suitcase panels, and many others. Those other panels were not portable enough, were too fragile, too heavy, or just a gimmick. The PowerFilm Solar panels fit in my backpack, and provide enough power for my off grid needs, up here near the Arctic Circle.

I needed off grid, portable, green energy for my expeditions. PowerFilm was the only company able to supply a compatible product. It may not be the right product for everyone, but it was certainly the right one for me.

This is not a commercial!

Julian OH8STN

Video URL: https://youtu.be/JWS2fk3jZq4

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