Solar Storm Forecast 02-27-2019

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Tamitha is actually bringing us some excellent news for once. 🙂

Here’s Tamitha the Weather Woman, bringing us the solar storm forecast from February 27th 2019

Published on 27 Feb 2019

A big coronal hole is rotating through the Earth-strike zone over the next few days, sending us some fast solar wind that could bring us more aurora. Along with that, the Sun launches a solar storm (a rarity during solar minimum) that could arrive around the same time as the fast solar wind. The bulk of the storm will likely miss Earth, but we could get some wake effects that could intensify the storming starting around the 28th, possibly bringing aurora down to mid-latitudes for a short while. Amateur radio propagation and GPS reception will be affected, especially on Earth’s night side starting on the 27th and could last through the first few days in March. Learn the details of the coming solar storm, where and when to see aurora, and how else our Sun might affect you this week.

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