Sunrun Grid Tied Solar Power Scamming Ham Radio Operators in USA

Hello Operators.

Today I’m sharing an article about a company who takes advantage of amateur radio operators. Many of us have a dream of putting solar panels on our homes achieving a completely off-grid home. With any luck that means an off-grid amateur radio station as well.

Unfortunately companies like Sunrun make dishonest contracts and promises about what their systems deliver, and how much it will cost. Their only concern is getting you in a contract for the next 20 years without necessarily delivering on the promise of Cheaper grid power.

Before we get to the linked article, here are several things to consider when deciding on a solar system for your home.

  1. A solar system not owned outright by the user/home owner, offers no practical benefit or value to the home.
  2. Even grid tied home solar systems should include local battery storage. Very often grid tied systems without local storage are forbidden from use during a blackout or grid down disaster, since they feed power back into the grid, creating a danger for workers repairing the failed system.
  3. It should be possible to disconnect your home solar system from the grid.

So the bottom line:

  • Own your own hardware.
  • Maintain your own local energy storage,
  • Have the ability to manually disconnect your system from the grid during a blackout or grid down disaster.

On to the article.

The article is titled, “What Happened When I Bought A Home With Sunrun Solar Panels“. Although the writer of the article is not a ham radio operator, she was buying the home from a silent keys estate, after he passed away from cancer. Sunrun placed a lien on the title of the home, demandung the new owners by outright the Sunrun owned hardware, and/or continue the 20 year contract and payments. I beg you all in the United States considering a grid-tied solar power system for your homes, to read this entire article. Doing so might help Empower you when making the decision for your own solar power system.


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