Winter Survival tips from Canadian Prepper

Hello Operators.

Since the Raspberry Pi field computer and winter field test video is incoming (and ultimately related to this topic), I thought it would be a good idea to share share this excellent video by Nate, the Canadian Prepper.

Canadian Prepper published a video about winter survival.  This is an excellent topic, and one relevant to radio operators, wishing to deploy in anything other than perfect weather.
Enjoy the video.

We often think we’re going to go out in the field as radio operators, without understanding all that goes into it. This is only ever true in perfect weather, deploying with some large organisations, with an incredible logistics machine. Most of us overlook the plethora of tasks which go into deploying in anything other than perfect weather conditions. Others have a misguided belief of some large organization providing heat, food and shelter for us, if deploying for emergency communications.

The radio operators job is certainly to operate the radio. In order to do that, we need to be able to operate in a variety of conditions, unassisted. That means part of our job, is creating a sufficient, sustainable, atmosphere, from which to operate. For the oh8stn field station, that’s tipi tent or the bunker.

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Julian oh8stn

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