Deals, Discounts & Channel support

Hello Operators.

This channel and blog are always a two way street for viewers and supporters. As such, manufacturers supporting the channel sometimes offer deals and discounts to my channel supporters and viewers. Channel supporters and viewers can also use affiliate links to support the channel indirectly.
Here are the current discounts and affiliate links.

  • GigaParts: GigaParts offers a 5% discount for viewers using my callsign as the discount code in the GigaParts shop. It is not only good for my landing page on the GigaParts website, but on the entire GigaParts site.
  • Battery Hookup: Battery Hookup offers great deals on Lithium Ion and LiFePO4 batteries and accessories. This is great for the DIY battery and solar power builder on a budget. These discounts are often much cheaper than retail, so it pays to check them out. Battery Hookup offers a small discount for supporters and viewers of the blog and channel. Use my callsign as a discount code during checkout.
  • Ham Radio Prep: Ham Radio Prep is the best way to study for and get your ham radio license in the United States. If you want to get your Technician, General or Extra class ticket, use “Julian20” for a discount when signing up. Ham Radio Prep is very supportive of the channel, so please share my link and discount code when discounting licensing with someone considering a study study program.

Affiliate links to support the channel indirectly

  • eBay is by far the easier way to indirectly support the channel. All you need to do is bookmark my eBay affiliate link, then use it whenever you are ordering something from eBay.

Direct channel support

  • PayPal: Another way to support the blog and channel is through PayPal.
    Most viewers/readers use this when they want to send a one time “tip” for something they particularly enjoyed seeing/reading on the channel or blog.
    Here is a direct link to my PayPal tipjar:
  • Patreon & YouTube Members: Become a YouTube channel member or join the Patreon community, to get bonus short format videos and spoilers before everyone else.

Website banner sponsor
If you would like to support the website, a banner is the easiest way to do it.
Current banner for one year is $350 (29 August 2022). Banner support funds the blog, storage and bandwidth on the website. Use the buy me a rootbear link to send it over, then contact through email to confirm and send over your banner. I can also make a banner for you if you don’t already have one. Then the only thing missing is the link you’d like the banner to point to. The banner will automatically dissapear one year from the publish date, but feel free to renew or update it.
I prefer banners from manufacturers who will or have sent over gear for review.

The channel and blog are a 100% not-for-profit undertaking. It is also 100% viewer supported. This means no money is accepted for reviews. Any support coming in, is put right back in to the channel or blog, and used to support new content creation.

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