Xiegu X5105 Xggcomms Digimode-4 HF WeatherFax App on Android

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This is another post and video featuring the XGGComms Digimode-4 audio and cat control interface for the Xiegu X5105 and G90. In this post I setup the Digimode-4 and Xiegu X5105, with an Android tablet. I’m not certain which models of Android tablets and smartphones allow external audio devices to function with apps such as the HF WeatherFax app from Wolphi. For my experiments, I tried with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Both were running HF Weather Fax from Wolphi LLC.

All of the following images were autonomously collected, just as you see in the video above. There was no user input, no saving, no color correction, just letting the HF Weather Fax app do its thing, with the x5105 and Digimode-4 connected via a USB-C adapter.

Xiegu CE-19 size compared to the XGGComms Digimode-4

If you are missing some context here, please take a look at my original post about the digimode-4 audio and cat control interface.
( https://oh8stn.org/blog/2020/12/04/ultimate-audio-and-cat-control-xiegu-g90-x5105/ )
If you have decided it is worth a try to reduce the wire mess from your G90 or X5105, you’ll find the Digimode-4 from XGGComms on ebay  This link will also help support this blog without any cost to you. (XGGComms Digimode-4 on ebay http://ebay.us/S7AtYf)

If you have not yet seen my review of the Xiegu x5105, please do take a look. It is not a “perfect” radio, but it is fun and feature rich. It is small enough that one can always have it with them. With the internal antenna tuner, a lightweight 9:1 random wire antenna, will get you on air from 160-6 meters. Just be sure your wire is long enough to reduce losses. Adding the right interface for data and cat control make portable digital work much more manageable than previously possible, using a Signalink or Xiegu CE-19 for example.

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