Icom IC-705 & PowerFilm Lightsaver Max | Portable QRP

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I recently posted a video about portable power for QRP & QRP+ radios. As always portable power is an incredibly popular topic on the channel. When that video was published, the Icom IC 705 hadn’t yet arrived, so it was excluded from that video. Now with the IC-705 in hand, I’m happy to say that video is also relevant to this innovative new radio.

The PowerFilm Lightsaver Max is an all-in-one power supply. It has a built-in battery bank, solar panel for charging itself in the field, can be charged with 12 volts, USB-C, or using an external solar panel. It also has a 12 volt output, and two USB outputs.

The Icom IC-705 can be powered or charged through its 12 volt input port, and through its USB port. The PowerFilm Lightsaver Max is compatible with either power/charging method.

The Icom IC-705 has a maximum power output of 10 watts, when using an external battery or power supply, connected to its 12 volt input. When powered or charged through its USB port or while powered by it’s own internal battery, the IC-705 is limited to 5 watts output.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a powerfilm Lightsaver Max for your Icom IC 705 or other qrp radio, you can find it from the PowerFilm Solar website (https://www.powerfilmsolar.com/products/lightsaver-max-portable-solar-charger). Also please remember Powerfilm Solar offers a discount on the Lightsaver Max, when you use my callsign (OH8STN) in all caps, as a coupon code during check out.

If you have not yet watched my Icom IC-705 video, please do so. There are lots of interesting features, users of other brand amateur radios, will be very interested in.

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