Ebike Solar Charging How to

February 8, 2022 Julian OH8STN 15

The post provides a detailed guide to creating a portable solar charger for an e-bike using only solar panels, a charge controller, and the e-bike battery. The system is lightweight and doesn’t need an inverter. It details two scenarios: charging the e-bike battery while stationary, and using one battery while charging a second. Additionally, it explains the concept of pedal-assist, the role of a boost charge controller, and how to achieve off-grid e-bike charging.

Xiegu x6100 Update

December 19, 2021 Julian OH8STN 10

Hello Operators. Many of you have eagerly awaited the release of the x6100 from Xiegu. I thought this update received on 18th December would be […]

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QSO Today Interview

December 11, 2021 Julian OH8STN 4

Hello Operators.Listen to my interview with Eric 4Z1UG on QSO Today. The start is rather slow but gets better as I get relaxed.73Julian oh8stnhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/1f3HrIa8fmvlgSgriGzYhy?si=2pFMJ5nGQLe7zMqGxZqHNQ&utm_source=copy-link