Size & weight matters: Super Antenna MP1C

I like to get outside to work qrp portable, with different kinds of gear, every chance I can get. The idea is to gain as much experience as I can during mild weather, with as many different configuration options as possible. This time I was out with the Super Antenna MP1C, on the TM1 tripod. The MP1C is part of the MP1DXMAX kit, you’ve seen on the channel before. It’s a lightweight HF antenna, with an incredibly small breakdown size.

I guess the main point here is having an antenna system which is both effective and portable. Naturally we would all think of a wire antenna. Personally, i am extremely fond of the halfwave endfed antenna. The unfortunate reality is, the portability of a wire antenna, is all down to its ability to be deployed. Once we look at Carbonfiber fishing rods, fiberglass crappie poles, the rope or launchers to get them in a tree, … although effective, begins to look somewhat less portable.

Looking at the operating location, One could see how beautiful that spot is. Other than its beauty, I’m also there for the saltwater advantage. It’s an excellent spot, If you don’t mind the lack of trees, or the curious spectators often asking questions about Amateur radio. Unfortunately there is no place to deploy a wire antenna, Unless you have some sort of Batman inspired, compressed air grappling hook, it’s not happening. I also like to be able to put everything inside of a Daypack for these summer excursions, without regard for the operating location. Moreover, I still have not found a telescopic mast which is free standing, requires no guying or support, and fits inside a small Daypack. When one becomes available, let me know. Until then, I’ll stick to my highly portable, easy to deploy, compromise antennas.

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