CHA URT – Universal Remote Magloop Tuner from Chameleon

I just saw an excellent video from Chameleon Antenna (if you’re a loop operator). It’s a prototype of an upcoming product called CHA URT, or Universal Remote.Tuner for magnetic loop antennas.

Although still in prototyping phase, I think this is absolutely brilliant. Most of you know that next winter I’ll be operating for the most part, out of a tipi tent. The idea of having a big Loop, on a sturdy tripod, outside of the tent, remotely powered and controlled from a warm tent, with a single cable, that is pure awesomeness!

The video says that it’s compatible with a variety of DIY and commercial loops.

Excellent work Chameleon!
Enjoy the video

First impressions
I am a CHA RTRR user, but taking it to a camp, really isn’t something I like to do. At first glance this looks lighter more portable and could be battery powered. I would even be happy with the single powerpole connector on the case, so I can plug it straight into my power distribution box.

Optimistic changes for the final product
So at first glance these are the things that I’d like to see in the production version versus the Prototype version.

  • Powerpole connector for DC input.
  • DC power port and control port “side by side” and exiting the tuning box at the rear. This keeps the cables out of the way and allows the control box to sit nicely next to the radio.
  • Downward exiting control cable on the motor casing to prevent water ingress and allow cable strain relief.

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