Getting started with Amateur Field Communications EP01

Hello operators.
After a couple of angry emails, I decided to publish the episode notes for: Getting started in Amateur Field Communications.  ☺

Honestly I was starting to wonder if anyone cared about the episode notes, so thanks for the feedback.

I’m constantly receiving excellent questions about getting a start in Amateur Radio field communications. Time permitting, I’m happy to answer those questions however, I thought a video or video series might be more efficient. This video is just one operators list of ideas & considerations on getting out in the field.  We all need to remember there are many kinds of portable operations. One might hike in, drive In, operate from a camper, out of the top box of a motorcycle, or even get dropped off by helicopter in a remote location. Whichever way you operate portable or plan to operate, these tips will definitely help you get started in ham radio portable field comms.

The video covers, what gear to take/don’t take, how to choose a location, portable power options, and questions you should find answers to, to help you plan your gear. 

In part, inspiration for this video came from Signal Search, who published his own video on this topic just a couple of weeks ago.

HF Portable YouTubers mentioned in the video

Each of these operators has their own unique style towards getting outside with their ham radio gear. They range from casual Communications, skiing or snowshoeing and operating out of hot tents, operating summits, field communications from a preparedness perspective, or sitting up in a park. If you visit their pages, let me know how you found them.

Product/Project mentions

Other than my own DIY lithium iron phosphate project, I have no connection to the companies I mentioned here. I mention Bioenno Power because they have excellent lithium iron phosphate battery packs with built-in battery Management Systems. I mention buddipole because they’re a huge step up, from the HobbyKing style of the lithium batteries. Finally I mention Hardened Power Systems because it appears they’ve done a good job on the Cadet MK1, learning from the mistakes of the qrp Ranger which came before it.

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