Raspberry Pi Case for DRAWS Hat

Hello operators.

Although I’m working on the solar generator project, other projects are still being prepped in the background.

The DRAWS Hat is one of those projects. There is a video incoming with the beta 8 image of the Northwest Digital radioRaspberry Pi image for the DRAWS hat. In addition to that, my buddy Konrad from @cqjena on instagram, 3D printed a few new parts for my projects. One of the prints was an enclosure for my Raspberry Pi 3b+ and DRAWS Hat. He also printed them all up in my favorite color, which is safety orange.

The 3D print is based on this project by N0KZ on thingiverse. I’m almost certain I’m going to move the power pole Port from the front of the print, to the back above the USB ports. There’s a lot of room in the case there.

If you haven’t seen my videos on the DRAWS hat, sit back and take a look at this playlist.

DRAWS Ham Radio Digi Mode Hat for Raspberry Pi:

Please do visit Konrads Instagram page. I find his projects extremely interesting, and I think you will too.

Enjoy the images and videos. I’ll get back to the solar generator now.


julian oh8stn

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Julian oh8stn

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