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The channel and blog are a 100% not-for-profit venture. It is also 100% viewer supported. This means no money is accepted for reviews. Any support coming in, is put right back in to the channel or blog, and used to support new content creation. As the channel grows, so does the budget to keep it turning. Despite this, the channel and the blog are receiving an increasing number of sponsorship requests. This would be a good thing, if I took money for reviews (but I won’t). If you or your business would like to support the channel, sponsor the channel, advertise on the blog, or collaborate with the channel, here’s how to do that.

The basic types of support/collaboration are:

  • Channel & blog supporter
  • Gear submissions
  • Field Test
  • Blog advertising
  • Expedition sponsor

Channel & blog supporters

Supporting the channel or blog is really easy. A few different ways have been set up to do that.

  • Patreon supporter You can join the patreon community and become an OH8STN insider. You’ll have direct access to me, for questions, feedback or sharing your ideas. You’ll also get to see what I’m working on before it’s published on YouTube. Patreon supporters receive a shout out, at the end of each major video. Patreon supporters who happened to be content creators, will also get their best blogs, videos shouted out on request, but sometimes automatically. Regardless of how much you support the channel on Patreon, all patrons are treated equally.
  • YouTube membership Support the channel through a YouTube Membership. YouTube memberships are an excellent way to support the channel right on YouTube. Channel supporters get badges visible on Live Chats and video comments, showing the rest of the community that you are a supporter of the channel. It also makes it easier for me to see who supports the channel, so can better know who is heping drive the our community forward. I’ll always do my best to reach everyone, but channel supporters from both Patreon and YouTube memberships, will always get my help and attention first. They also receive member-only videos, just for channel supporters.
  • PayPal support PayPal supporters are those who would like to send a one-time “thank you” for something seen on the channel or blog, which they felt was exceptional. PayPal supporters are also given a shout-out at the end of every major video. The amount you give is not necessarily important. What is important is you’d like to support the channel. So no pressure! Like Patreon and YouTube Membership supporters, PayPal supporters will alway get my help and attention.
  • eBay.com or eBay.co.uk purchases are also a great way to support the channel without any cost to yourself. Simply bookmark the relevant link and use that whenever you’re going to make a purchase on eBay. It’s absolutely free to you, yet goes a long way to support the channel and blog.

Gear Submissions

Often businesses would like to send gear for review. As long as the gear sent is relevant to the type of content shown on the channel or blog, it’s a good chance I’ll accept that gear for review. Since this channel is more about quality and workmanship, expectations from the viewers and readers is quite high. As such, I don’t accept cheap knockoffs or poorly made gear. The gear submitted should solve a problem, and integrate well with the rest of our equipment. This means gear should be related to ham radio, ham radio emergency communications, portable off grid power, field communications, portable computing, or the grid down preparedness communities. Even tools indirectly supporting the journey are welcome. It’s not so complex, but if you’re not sure, just ask.

When gear is used in a video or blog post, (in most cases) I’ll share the still images generated from that video or blog post with you. Video material is shared on request. The video and images remain mine, but you have full use of them in your marketing efforts, for as long as you’d like to use them. I’ll also share my reports, images and in some cases video material on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the community tab on YouTube with tags to your social media feeds or websites. I’ll also leave a link in the blog post or video sending traffic back to your website. If your equipment is sold on Amazon or eBay, I’ll also create links to your Amazon or eBay product pages.

Unfortunately I can give no guarantee as to when I’ll get to the review, but they always come. Sometimes it takes time to create an adequate scenario to show the gear in context. For example its not possible to review a pair of skis, in the middle of summer. If it’s not possible to do a review or the review would be negative, I’ll inform you privately, rather than damaging your products reputation. This almost never happens, unless the product or gear differs greatly from our initial discussions.

If you would like to talk about a gear submission, please use the email address in the image below.

Field test

Sponsoring a field test is one step up from submitting gear for review. Lots of work goes into field testing equipment. A field test is usually 12/24 hours excursion in the field station, creating a proof-of-concept around the gear which was previously submitted for review. Field tests are usually reserved for those companies who have already sent gear for review, and received a positive outcome. When that happens, companies are invited to support the blog and channel by advertising on the blog. Your logo will go up on the blog for one year. This finances at least one field test with in-depth video, and also helps support the costs of maintaining the blog, hosting images, and maintaining the content library. It does not guarantee the outcome of the field test. You’ll also receive a shout-out at the end of each major video, and get tagged in relevant social media posts related to your product. This continues for as long as your company supports the channel and blog.
Field tests also happen randomly without sponsorship from time to time. There’s no guarantee a specific time frame, or if they’ll happen at all. Sponsoring a field test is a way to get my complete attention, on your product in a reasonable time.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a field test, giving the community a deep look at your products in real-world scenarios, please use the email address in the image below to contact me.

Blog advertising

If you’d like to have your company logo represented on the blog, you will have already sent gear for review, (and received a positive outcome). Adding your logo to the website is done this way, to promote an ongoing collaboration or partnership between OH8STN, and your brand. This tells my viewers and readers, that your company, along with my channel and blog, are working closely to bring something wonderful to the community. One can’t simply buy their logo onto the blog. It’s an earned privilege.

The cost of placing your logo on the blog is 300€ per year. The logo will be linked to whatever URL you desire. Your website, your social media feeds ,… In addition to your logo on the blog, you’ll receive a shout-out at the end of every major video, and ongoing tags in product related social media posts, as long as your company supports the channel and blog.
If this is something you’d find interesting, please use the email address and the image below to contact me.

Expedition sponsor

An expedition sponsor is a very special thing. Expedition sponsors are sponsoring multi-day field deployments monetarily, and/or with unique gear and equipment. The goal of the sponsored expedition might be eg the field testing and reporting on a brand new product, showing your products capabilities in the field, showing the benefits of your products in the real world, or simply putting your product through its paces in a “hostile” environment.

Most often, a sponsored expedition gives your company 100% of my attention, from a fixed station, or out in the field.  The resulting video material from the expedition is edited into a full-length in depth product review, focusing primarily on your product, or your product that’s integrated into the station .

We will discuss the goals and budget of a sponsored expedition, then come up with a checklist of items to be tested then covered during the excursion. The expedition budget will be paid up front, with resulting video material published within 3 months of the expedition start. Video and images from the Expedition will be shared on social media feeds, tagging your company and mentioning your products along the way. You’ll also have access to still images and video material generated from that expedition.

If a sponsored Expedition is something you’re interested in please contact me at the email address in the image below.
It’s very important that the YouTube channel and blog maintain its integrity. I don’t do “this vs that” type videos or blog posts. My goal is showing products or product capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and the best way to integrate that product into a station. I’m not here to dump on any particular company, or product.

Finally, my goal is to create a partnership with companies who send gear and support the channel. I have no interest in fly-by-night products or companies and insist on presenting only the best products and companies to my viewers and readers. I know there are some YouTube channels in the ham radio Community who take money for reviews. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not one of them. Let’s collaborate, and build a lasting partnership.
Julian oh8stn

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