Lab 599 Discovery TX-500 SDR HF & 6m

Hello Operators.
In todays video we take the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 QRP Ham Radio to the field for an off grid review of this new and interesting radio. Since there are already ham radio reviews of this qrp radio showing features, I thought we would concentrate on design, modularity, and ruggedness. By the end of the video, there should be no question about this rigs survivability, as a rugged qrp radio for less than ideal portable radio operations.

One thing we immediately see with this radio, is its intent on rugged, functional design. This is not a toy, it is a tool! This radio was not designed for the weekend hobbyist, it was designed for a very passionate portable radio fanatic. The radio was designed from the ground up with purpose and intent. It is not a bunch of parts thrown together then put inside a plastic box.

Julian #OH8STN ham radio
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