Grid Down or Google down?

Hello Operators.
On December 14 2020 billions of people around the world, woke up to their email and other google services being inaccessible. This wasn’t a grid-down scenario but for many, it might as well have been.

Google experienced a massive outage of it’s services, leaving many people without an effective means of communications. This is kind of what we are talking about all the time. I constantly hear these “end of the world” scenarios, when something as simple as not being able to log into gmail or other cloud services, can prevent one from communicating with family, friends or business partners. Yeah Julian but it works, it always works! Bull-hockey!

For the past month, I have very much been focused on robust methods of communications. Some of you would say “You’re always focused on robust, …”. The thing is, we upgrade our knowledge and methods as we learn and grow. Hopefully, this is true for all of us. If not, it should be! Normally I would only share this preview with Patrons and YouTube Members. One of the perks of supporting the channel is getting an inside look of what’s coming, and the context behind the hundreds of social media posts I share each month. The how and why of robust communications has been on our minds lately. Now, thanks to Google’s massive outage, the topic was brought home for people normally oblivious to “the machine”.

Preview of upcoming video.

We should always have a backup plan for communications. Anything relying entirely on cloud services, has huge potential for disrupting or even controlling our lives. I will use “The Man’s” tools to distribute the message, but won’t rely on “The Machine” for my everyday life. Think about that.

There are always multiple projects in the pipe, but this one needs to get pushed forward. Grid Down and Off Grid communications and power will always be the pillars of this blog and channel. Even if we can’t always see the connection between posts and projects.

Julian oh8stn

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