Solar Powered Field Station Update 01

Hello Operators.
Today’s video brings us back to the solar powered Field Station. After getting the station out in the forest, the realities of the “real world” have provided the project with much food-for-thought. I’ve also been receiving questions about the station and thought now would be a good time to show progress, and answer questions on the topic. In this video we discuss the shelter, solar power, Field Station capabilities, primary station antenna, and a few obscure necessities we rarely think about until we’re in the field.

The solar-powered Field Station is my attempt to put together a man portable, self-sufficient, and sustainable amateur radio station, capable of being field deployed for up to 5 days, completely unassisted. If you haven’t watched the original solar powered Field Station video, that video can be found here.

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Wishing you all a fine festive season, and happy New Year.

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