One perfect example of Off-Grid Amateur Field Comms 

I just thought I’d share this video from Kevin W6RIP. Kevin was out on SOTA Expedition. He also took a few minutes to go over his Comms gear for the trip.
In my opinion, it’s a near-perfect example of an off-grid amateur Field Station. Kevins equipment is a little on the heavy side, and he’s running @ 100 Watts. What’s clever about the station is the combination of gear, allowing him to run this off-grid QRO station modestly, for nearly a day! This is a man portable configuration using a lightweight battery, collapsible antenna, and ft-891 which isn’t the most efficient radio for portable ops. He tops it off with a 28 watt folding solar panel, to gring it all together.
Julian oh8stn

Watch”SOTA. Portable Ham Radio and Antenna Deployment” on YouTube

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