Some Bad News: Marshall was in an Accident

Hello operators.
Most of you who have been with my channel for a while know that my family and I are dog lovers. You’ve probably seen Titan and Sandalio on the channel from time to time in my videos, and on social media.

Well Canadian prepper is a huge supporter of my channel. We support one another’s efforts whenever possible. Like myself, Canadian prepper is also a dog lover. You can often see Marshall, his family dog on the Canadian prepper Channel. Unfortunately a couple of days ago Marshall had an accident, and was hit by a car. Canadian prepper is never going to ask anyone for help, he’s just too proud, but despite that, the veterinary bills for Marshalls accident are extensive.
If you’re a dog lover, and I know there are many of you who watch my videos, please support my friend Nate the Canadian Prepper, helping Marshall overcome this horrific accident.


Julian oh8stn

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