Solar Generator Project Update 06JAN2019

Hello Operators.

Here are few new pictures from the DIY solar generator project.

Today I got the Headway pack put together. 4S3P 45,000mah. This solar generator is going to be a portable monster. I know it won’t look as pretty as a Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium, but it definitely has more features, more capability, and a lower price.

So the only things I’m waiting for right now are 5 meters of 10 AWG silicone wire, a few latching switches, and a couple of relays. I’m hoping all those things arrive in the coming week.

Also decided to paint the can orange for “emcomm”. I’ll put a few more coats on it later on, to make it look nice.

So there’s been lots of questions about the cost of the project. So first of all let’s tell you the goals. The closest commercial solar generator technically speaking, with similar specifications is The Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium. In Europe with shipping, that’s about 800 euros. Even at that price, The Goal Zero 400 lithium, falls short of the features and capabilities of the DIY solar generator project.

I’ll do a complete cost breakdown when I publish the build video. Until then be confident nothing DIY solar generator project, if you build it yourself, is still cheaper than the Goal Zero Yeti 400 lithium. You can take even more comfort, knowing the DIY solar generator project has options specific to me. Those options can easily reduce the price of the project, buy one or two hundred bucks or euros.

If you’re interested in watching the introduction video or reading the project notes, the links are here.

Project notes:

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