100 Watts and a Wire January 23 2019

Hello Operators.

I always love ham radio operators who mix things up, operating outside the box both on air, and with their opinions off air. The idea that amateur radio is some sort of one-size-fits-all cookie cutter is ridiculous, and Christian Cudnik K0STH points that out very well, with 100 Watts and a Wire.

I’ll be adding 100 watts and a wire to the list of regular content I share. So, here’s the first episode from January 23 2019. Let me know what you think.


Julian oh8stn

On this episode, a reaction to an article in the February 2019 edition of QST. Although it recognizes “The Spectrum of Hams”, does it go far enough? We’ll also take you behind the scene with a net control station of a local traffic net. Plus, off grid and grid down communications. Julian, OH8STN is this week’s “Special Op”. All of this and more on this edition of 100 Watts and a Wire.

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