DIY Solar Generator BMS

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This is the latest version of the BMS we use for both the 128wh Headway pack, and the 575wh DIY Solar Generator Project. This is the Bestech HCX-D151 Battery Management System PCB.

This is an ideal BMS for both projects. It’s high current draw (60A) allows you to power multiple high discharge 100W amateur radios, lighting, inverter, or any combination of devices requiring up to 60A continuous draw, from your portable power system.

The Headway 10ah 38120 cells we use in the 128wh pack can produces a 100A unmanaged current draw. The Headway 40152 15ah cells (4S3P) from the DIY Solar Generator Project, can produce a 450A unmanaged current draw. We used to be a mess to protect the pack from overcharged, over discharge, Short Circuit, overcurrent (which isn’t likely), … We also use the BMS to protect the battery pack, from the user.

At the time of this posting, the price of the listing includes shipping.

listing for the Bestech BMS

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