Portable JS8Call Saturday 12 OCT 2019

Hello Operators.

On Saturday October 12 2019, I’ll be operating JS8Call portable, on 40m, during daylight hours. I’ll be operating /P as oh8stn/p with the Yaesu FT-817ND, QRPVer 10w amp, and raspberry pi.

Portable power for todays op is the 20Ah LiFePO4 Generator, augmented by 2x 28 watt PowerFilm Solar, solar panels. Even without the solar panels, the storage system can power the QRP station for days at a time.

My primary station will remain operational for message relays, and to augment my low power field station.

This should be a very similar operation to my Man-Portable ops from a few weeks ago. The biggest difference is operating qrp, rather than qro with the ft-891.

Goals of todays field op:

  • Promote JS8Call Relays
  • Promote JS8Call stored messages
  • Promote Digital QRP
  • The benefits of NVIS
  • Improvements in lightweight portable power
  • Collect additional photo/video for my media library

When I start losing daylight I’ll head back home, get something to eat, then continue operating JS8Call from the ham shack.

If you haven’t seen my JS8Call playlist on YouTube already, please have a look.

Julian oh8stn

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