Real Time Clock Raspberry Pi OFF GRID Time

Hello Operators.
Todays topic is off grid time. Specifically, we are installing and configuring a Real Time Clock, for the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi does not have an RTC module built in. this isn’t really a big deal when we are constantly connected to the internet. However when we want to achieve some level of autonomy from the Grid, or don’t have the possibility of a persistent internet connection, we need to add a Real-Time clock (RTC), and/or GPS.

I’ve decided on using both. Last year I published the GPS time for raspberry pi tutorial. In order to achieve a higher level  of accurate time redundancy, we will install and configure the ds3231 rtc module from Amazon USA or Amazon UK as an add-on.

Ham Radio with a Raspberry Pi Playlist:

Although the video is about RTC with the Raspberry Pi, many of you often ask about the station itself. This time I made a short video discussing the station as well.


Julian #oh8stn

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