Red Cross – Red Crescent Winlink Exercise May 08 2021

Hello Operators.
I received this announcement from a couple of different operators. It seems like a great opportunity to support something good, while improving upon our Winlink skills.

Even when we are not actively part of a relief agency, group or organization, these types of events are a valuable asset to both EMCOMM & Preparedness communities. Personally, I have learned to “shut up, listen and learn” when given an opportunity like this. So be humble, be grateful, and share what you learn.

Amateur Operators of the Red Cross and other EmComm groups will be making Winlink contacts on May 8th, in celebration of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. May 8 is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, a date used to celebrate the bravery and achievements of Red Cross volunteers and staff around the world. Volunteers whose life-saving and life-changing services help the Red Cross keep its commitment to humanity every day.

If you would like to also participate, you will find Instructions on the website.

More about International Red Cross/Crescent Day:

Bill Thomassen
Seattle WA

In addition to that message, this one came in from our friends in Texas on 29APRIL2021 via Winlink.
The Texas crew has really helped me step up my own skills, and continuously push me to learn and share.

Source: KF5FUZ
Downloaded-from: RMS:OH7JJT-5
Subject: May 8th Winlink Exercise with ARES and Red Cross

EMCOMM ARES / Red Cross Exercise

We have another exercise coming up on May 8th. It contains

1) Morning Session: Disaster Program Manager to Regional Disaster Officer email
2) Afternoon Session: ARC 6409 Requisition Form Transcription

Texas was the lead in accuracy and Operators in the November exercise!

Extend your winlink skills to cover disaster response.

Check your section reflector ( for the instructions OR

Email TXRCAUS-DST with your email address and we will send you the instructions.

In a real emergency please work to liaison with local nets. That was the source for much of our situational awareness & lifesaving requests during Winter Storm URI.

Thank you Kevin KF5FUZ
American Red Cross TX

That’s about it for now. If/when I get more information, I’ll update this page. If you’re one of the organizations hosting the event, you’re welcome to send over links to relevant information via winlink (keep it small). I’ll include any additional links to information, right here on this page.

Julian oh8stn

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