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Random wire antennas are sometimes necessary when more efficient solutions aren’t possible. Let’s join Gil F4WBY in learning how to build our own.

In this video, Gil attempts to solve one of the most common problems, with the random wire end fed. His design incorporates a 9:1 UNUN, with an RF Choke, all built into a single 3d printed enclosure.

For a shorter HF antenna the “Random Wire” antenna is a good option provided that you use an RF choke to get rid of troublesome common-mode currents. Here I combine both the 9:1 UNUN and the RF choke in the same box for a tidier installation. This antenna is typically used with a tuner and is multi-band. Max power? 50W, maybe… Check out part 2 for performances. Watch Part-2: Working on it… Version Française: En cours… Case STL file:…

From Gil, The Radio Prepper

Random wire antennas are quite interesting. They can often solve the problem of not having space for a full-size resonant antenna. They can also be a nice multi-band, limited space option, when combined with an antenna tuner. Random wires are not as efficient as the end fed half wave antenna, they are often compared to. Still, in circumstances where one would need a shortened antenna with multiple bands, they certainly are an option.

In my own video on the random wire end fed, I used such an antenna to quietly work 80 meters, out of a 5th floor Berlin hotel room. This would not have been possible with a traditional half wave end fed antenna for 80 meters.

In addition to the random wire end fed, I’ve begun moving away from many of the antennas you’ve seen on the channel previously. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but there is a need to reduce weight, and increase the efficiency when operating man portable. Here is another related video on antenna strategy, published just a few weeks before this blog.

The Radio Prepper is by far my favorite ham radio YouTuber. Our channels should certainly work more closely together, bringing pragmatic survival radio concepts and strategies to the community. Let’s see if we can make that happen.

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