Lightweight Portable Power for Off Grid Communications

An Intelligent LiFePO4 portable power pack for off grid ham radio by DL4KA Oliver of DIY599.

Hello Operators.
Today we are interviewing Oliver DL4KA the popular ham radio designer and manufacturer of the PA500 & PA500E (Expedition) amplifiers. Oliver is just about to release a new intelligent portable ham radio power pack called the BAT500. The BAT500 isdesigned to power the PA500 or PA500E (Expedition model),along with a radio and one more additional device (eg.tablet,laptop, smartphone,…).
The BAT500 is more than a simple ham radio battery pack. It is a fully protected, LiFePO4 battery wth integrated MPPT charge controller, 3x DC outputs, protected input and outputs, cell balancing, and a maximim current draw of 12 amps.

Join me in part one of the interview, where Oliver talks about this incredible portable power system.

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  1. Outstanding. I don’t have either a PA500 or a TX500 (the former is still not officially approved in Japan) but this BAT500 solar-driven capable power plant is now firmly on my GO list for the other radios I run. A fantastic idea, well thought-out and (if it is like the other 599 products) no doubt well made. This power system, my 60w PF foldable panel, other radio gear, shelter, etc. and I’m off. This will lighten my ruck considerably. Danke…und tschüss! 73

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