DIY Magloop project

Hello Operators

So you want to build a diy, man portable magloop? This might be the easiest way to get started building your own.

I’ve already published the build video and I thought it would be a great idea if I publish a page detailing all components, links, tools, and build ideas that have gone into making this video. The actual build is relatively simple, the preparation for the build, producing the video, … that is where all the time goes.

Don’t forget, there is lots of help available from the DIY Magloop group on Facebook.

WSPR tests

First things first. Does it work? Absolutely! Even with completely unfair tests, taken indoors, where we expect crap results. Will you get your DXCC with it? Perhaps not! It is not a miracle antenna, it is just a magloop. We use this when there is no possibility of putting up something bigger, more efficient, … It certainly is a compromise, but getting to work with this antenna opposed to not working at all is the point.
Now you can continue reading knowing the end will be worth the read. This test was an indoor test and proof of concept. Doing the test now (before the build went to far) just gives us more confidence to keep it going. I’ll publish field tests as time & WX conditions permit.

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