HFAPRS Weak Signal Messaging & Group Communications

Hello Operators
Topic of the day is HFAPRS & weak signal grid-down messaging using APRS Messenger. APRS Messenger is developed by Chris Moulding G4HYG. APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga WB4APR. Although APRS and HFAPRS share many attributes, HFAPRS is quickly becoming the standard for long distance weak signal POS reporting and short group messaging on HF.

APRS Messenger is the tool which brings it all together. APRS Messenger utilizes multiple modes, for the various bands conditions, making reliable keyboard to keyboard messaging simple, regardless of band conditions on HF. It takes the idea of “there is no one mode to fit every scenario”, providing the operator with PSK63, PSK250, MFSK16, MFSK4, and GMSK250, all having strengths and weaknesses over the other modes. In this video, two stations, M0IAX, and OH8STN, demonstrate MFSK4 for weak signal messaging, and POS reporting using HFAPRS in APRS Messenger.

A big thanks to Mark M0IAX (http://www.m0iax.com) who was kind enough to offer is help with testing, and Chris G4HYG, who went further than required to add the weak signal capabilities to an already awesome app.

You can find APRS Messenger from the Cross Country Wireless website. It is free to download and use.

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